Update October 2018

As part of BWBH we have interviewed 10 people with a learning disability about how they heat their home.
After measuring the temperature in their home, we have created some cards as part of the process of analyzing the interview data. We will be refining these cards to turn them into a resources developed  to promote awareness of warm homes and energy efficiency for adults with a learning disability.
Celebrating Inclusivity Award

Congratulations to Speakup co-researchers on the BWBH project who were presented with a Celebrating Inclusivity Award by National Energy Action (NEA) at their annual conference on 17th September 2018.  The award was in recognition of the work Speakup has conducted to raise awareness of fuel poverty for people with a learning disability, as well as their work on BWBH.  The Speakup researchers have developed a video summarising the BWBH project:


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